•  Lightweight, warm and comfortable in any weather
  •  Flexible
  •  New laminates for warmth
  •  Neoprene wetsuits made with non petroleum based material

  Product No. Desc. Weight Price RRP
 CL25XS CL25XS Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL25S CL25S Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL25M CL25M Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL25L CL25L Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL25XL CL25XL Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL25XXL CL25XXL Neoprene Pants, 2.5mm/2mm - $ 136.62
 CL26J08 CL26J08 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 67.42
 CL26J10 CL26J10 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 67.42
 CL26J12 CL26J12 Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 67.42
 CL26XS CL26XS Short, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL26S CL26S Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL26M CL26M Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL26L CL26L Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL26XL CL26XL Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL26XXL CL26XXL Shorts, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 107.70
 CL27XXS CL27XXS Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12
 CL27XS CL27XS Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12
 CL27S CL27S Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12
 CL27M CL27M Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12
 CL27L CL27L Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12
 CL27XL CL27XL Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neorprene - $ 193.12
 CL27XXL CL27XXL Skiffsuit, Sleeveless, 3mm/2mm neoprene - $ 193.12


Ronstan’s sailing gear is designed for sailors by sailors. Each item in the range has been developed in conjunction with our team sailors and has undergone rigorous testing at the most extreme level so you know you’ll be covered regardless of the sort of sailing you’re into – recreational through to international competition. The latest material and production technologies are integrated within the designs and an intelligent layering system delivers the flexibility to kit out for all conditions.

Laminates for Warmth

We use a combination of high performance materials with unique properties, formed into specifically functional laminates. These laminates are distributed strategically within the panel layout for optimum water repellence, drying speed, thermal comfort and wind protection.

Ultimate Flexibility

Carefully selected high-stretch fabrics in varying thicknesses maximise comfort and flexibility. They feel soft but have the ability to retain their shape and fit.

Light Weight

All sailors know that thinner usually means lighter. We put the focus on efficiency. The high performance CL25 Pants use super light neoprene foam which is 20% lighter than conventional neoprene. The result is a lighter-weight wetsuit just 2mm (5/64”) thick, with no compromise on warmth. While the reduced weight and flexibility are key features, the wetsuit panel design also provides abrasion resistance and extra padding where needed.

Layering Options

Integral to the Ronstan range is a choice of layering options to suit any weather conditions. Whether it’s a sun protection rash vest, a hydrophobic fleece-lined thermal or a neoprene top, you can mix and match to form the best combination for the conditions.

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  • Designed specifically for sailing